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What if getting sign off was 
quick, consistent & painless?

Say goodbye to chasing colleagues for feedback, launching campaigns late, and constant back and forth with SignOff, the Slack App for modern marketing teams.

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Get sign off sooner

... without chasing

You’ve got better things to do than chase colleagues for feedback and approval on your marketing ideas.

Let SignOff take this off your plate. Smart reminders will prompt your teammates to give feedback and sign-off far in advance of your deadlines.

Stay on top of campaigns

all inside of Slack

Keep on top of your campaigns and how they’ve performed with a centralised campaign dashboard inside of Slack.

Give your team a
window into marketing

Sharing marketing results not only builds trust, it engages and excites the wider team and builds support around marketing.

At the end of every campaign, SignOff prompts you to report back on how it went - which is then shared with the team.

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