Getting started with TrueNorth

Get your team up and running in days with this getting started guide.

First, add any live marketing activity

We recommend adding any marketing activity that’s running or going live in the next month.

Import campaigns from Google Analytics

We'll pull in any campaigns we can detect.

Add any other campaigns

Add any missing activity to reflect the next 30 days.

Get organised

Group your campaigns, set budget & expectations.

Set the direction

It’s time to overlay your objectives. These steps will help your team stay on track with the goal and tie results back to marketing activity.

Set your goal

Enter where you are now & where you'd like to get to.

Create a growth projection

Using your data, we'll generate a projection to hit your goal.

Confirm your milestones

We'll automatically create milestones to help you stay on track.

Bring your team onboard

The direction is set. It’s now time to collaborate with your team on how to best deliver your growth objectives.

Share your growth projection

Align your team by making your growth strategy visual

Collect ideas remotely & async

Gather everyone's ideas on how to achieve your goal.

Prioritize your highest ROI experiments

Focus on the ideas that’ll move the needle.

Prepare to hit your first milestone

Take hope out of the equation by seeing whether your planned activity is enough to hit your milestone – ahead of time.

Make any final adjustments

Use milestones to calibrate your activity and spend.

Start executing!

Get to work on your campaigns as you would normally.

Setup integrations to track results

Automatically pull in campaign results with integrations
Open TrueNorth