Prioritize your highest
ROI experiments

Coming up with ideas is easy. What sets successful teams apart is focusing on the right ideas first. TrueNorth makes this a streamlined process.

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Turn your ideas into a marketing plan

Map out your ideas and get the data insights you need to demonstrate marketing impact. Make better strategic decisions to achieve your growth goal.

  • Draft your marketing plans at a high level view New
  • Get insight into the estimated spend and ROI New
  • Collect ideas remotely & asynchronously
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Ideation Assistant

Think bigger with the powerful ideation assistant

Ideation Health Score

Assess whether your ideas can hit the goal

ideation sessions

Finding your highest-impact ideas begins by asking quality questions. TrueNorth makes this easy with Ideation Sessions – rapid, async brainstorms.

  • Start with a bank of 30+ sessions based on your growth projection, or create your own
  • Collect ideas remotely and async
  • Organize your marketing ideas by objectives
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Build a culture of
data-led experimentation

Marketing experiments should win on merit, uninfluenced by who or where they came from.

  • Prioritize with ICE (impact, confidence, ease)
  • Move the highest-impact ideas to your Timeline
  • Run regular Ideation Sessions with your team
  • Discuss and add comments to ideas in context

Stay one step ahead
with ideation alerts

Connect your Growth Projection and progress data to recieve tailored Ideation Session suggestions to help you stay on track.

  • Build a backlog of ideas before you need them
  • Respond rapidly to drops in performance to stay on track
  • Run ideation sessions based on your live data
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Experiments is part of the Marketing OS

Experiments is part of TrueNorth’s Marketing OS, which helps you focus, align, and track marketing in one place – with everything and everyone working towards your goal.

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Guide your team in the right direction

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Plan, test & measure in one place to move fast

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Capture insights to improve decision-making