Guide your team
in the right direction

Marketing works best when everyone can see what they’re working towards. Your growth projection sets the direction and milestones that are used throughout the entire platform.

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Create a growth projection in minutes.

No matter what your goal, TrueNorth visualizes the growth strategy to get you there, breaking it down into achievable monthly milestones.

  • Model scenarios to stress-test your strategy
  • Align your team’s growth expectations
  • Deliver your goal with clarity and focus
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Forecast your growth with live, up-to-date marketing data

Improve your projection’s accuracy and track your actual progress against your projection by connecting your data.

  • Import traffic & goal data from Google Analytics, Hubspot & Stripe
  • Compare actual vs. projected growth
  • Customize the funnel to match your actual funnel steps

From projection
to execution.

Unlike most marketing projections, TrueNorth keeps your projected metrics front-and-center where it matters most; Where you plan what to do next.

  • Milestones break your projection down into monthly goals
  • See the expected impact of your campaigns
  • Real-time feedback guides you to hit your milestones

Stay on track to deliver the goal

Stay on track by overlaying your actual growth against your projected growth.

  • See which parts of your funnel are on/off track
  • Compare your actual growth against your projection
  • Off track? TrueNorth will prompt an Ideation Session based on the metrics that’re at risk.
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Growth is part of the Marketing OS

TrueNorth Growth is part of TrueNorth’s Marketing OS, which helps you focus, align, and track marketing in one place – with everything and everyone working towards your goal.

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Collect & prioritize ideas to scale effectively

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Plan, test & measure in one place to move fast

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Capture insights to improve decision-making