Marketing reports
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Automatically pull in your marketing activity and results across all channels with TrueNorth’s integrations.

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Make sense of your Google Analytics data

Instead of connecting lots of integrations, our deep Google Analytics integration parses data from 100+ channels, from Microsoft Ads to email campaigns.

  • Pull in traffic & conversion data for any campaign
  • Keep track of spend across ad platforms
  • Automatically track ROI in real-time
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Marketing data, minus the fluff.

Most reporting tools are bloated with vanity metrics. TrueNorth focuses on the actionable metrics you can evaluate performance and make decisions on.

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  • See the big picture and campaign-level performance in one view
  • Pull in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Optimize, social, email, display and more campaigns with integrations
  • Automatically detects and add campaigns to your timeline
  • Build your timeline in minutes by importing your campaigns

Track growth, automatically.

By integrating Hubspot or Google Analytics you can overlay your actual growth against your growth projection to help you stay on track.

  • Stay on track with your projected growth
  • Make changes to course correct sooner
  • Save time by automating your reports
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Explore the Marketing OS

TrueNorth’s Marketing OS helps you focus, align, and track marketing in one place with everything and everyone working towards your goal.

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Guide your team in the right direction

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Collect & prioritize ideas to scale effectively

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Plan, test & measure in one place to move fast


Capture insights to improve decision-making