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Beat client expectations with the only platform built for
forecasting, planning, and measuring growth marketing in one place.

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A modern take on
marketing management

Work backwards from your clients’ goals to a strategy and plan that guides everyone in the right direction.

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It begins with the goal.

Hitting client goals is the lifeblood of a successful agency. TrueNorth systemizes this into the way your team works.

Streamline your
agency’s operations

The marketing OS
for agencies

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Show the ROI your agency delivers

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Capture ideas from your team & clients

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Save time reporting with integrations

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Manage all your clients in one place


All-inclusive agency pricing

$99/mo includes your first three clients, then +$50/mo per client

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Agencies sometimes ask us…

Does this replace or work alongside a project management tool?

While TrueNorth does replace much of the planning functionality in those tools, our platform is built solely for running marketing projects. As such, if your agency also has teams that manage design, development and other services you may wish to use TrueNorth alongside your existing tool.

You can read more about how TrueNorth compares to generic project management tools like Asana, Trello, Monday and ClickUp using these links.

Can we manage all of our clients in TrueNorth?

Yes, TrueNorth allows you to jump between managing multiple teams.

However, you currently need to create a TrueNorth account for each client and invite yourself (the agency) to that client’s account. Once this is done you will be able to navigate between all of the clients you have access to in the top-left-hand team selector.

Are we able to resell or white-label TrueNorth to our clients?

If you’d like to discuss reselling or receiving a referral fee for recommending TrueNorth to clients we recommend getting in touch with our team to discuss this in more detail.

Can we use TrueNorth for our own agency's marketing?

Absolutely! In fact, we find most agencies use TrueNorth for themselves first, and then gradually invite clients as they become more experienced with how the platform works.

Does TrueNorth integrate with X?

While TrueNorth integrates natively with the most common marketing platforms (e.g. Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Hubspot) we have a deep Google Analytics integration to pick up the long-tail of marketing channels.

Via this integration we are able to pull in traffic and conversion data for any campaign that results in people visiting/converting on your website – i.e. email campaigns, display ads, UTM tracked campaigns, and more.

In 2022, we expect to rapidly broaden our range of native integrations – so if an integration isn’t available yet it may soon be.