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TrueNorth is the Growth Marketing Platform to focus, align, and track marketing in one place, with everything and everyone working towards your goal.

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The “old” way of managing marketing is
slow, messy, and holds teams back


Big picture objectives are out of sight (out of mind) and drowned out by endless lists of tasks and to-dos.


Time’s wasted digging out data and updating stakeholders as there’s no source of truth for campaigns.


Ideas are siloed in spreadsheets, project boards and docs, making it hard to be data-driven & organised.

What if marketing was in one place,
with everything connected to your goal?

Built for marketers, TrueNorth centralises:

Where you’re aiming

Guide your team in the right direction

How you’ll get there

Collect & prioritise ideas to scale effectively

What you plan to do

Plan, test & measure in one place to move fast

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Results and insights

Capture insights to improve decision-making


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TrueNorth Marketing OS

Unlike other tools, which are disconnected from your strategy, TrueNorth is built around the most important thing – working towards your marketing objectives.

With TrueNorth, marketing teams move faster and stay aligned – even when everyone’s remote.


Guide your team

in the right direction

Marketing works best when everyone can see what they’re working towards. Project your growth to align your team and marketing with the big picture goal.

  • Visualize your growth strategy
  • Model different scenarios to stress-test your strategy
  • Compare your actual growth to make corrections sooner
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How will you grow?

The direction is set. Now it’s time to ideate how you’ll
deliver your projected growth. Meet Experiments.

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Prioritize your highest
ROI experiments

Streamline how you decide which ideas move forward.

Ideation sessions break your growth projection down into a set of challenges that your team answers to achieve your goal on time and on budget.

  • Collect ideas remotely & asynchronously (less meetings!)
  • Focus on the ideas that’ll move the needle
  • Run experiments accountably and measurably
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Work together to
deliver the goal

Move faster by planning and tracking marketing against your goal on one simple timeline. You’ll never go back to messy spreadsheets or project boards again.

  • Easily plan and measure marketing in one place
  • See the expected ROI and goal impact of every campaign
  • Track results and budget without jumping between tools
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“Finally a marketing tool that combines forecasting, planning and reporting into one workflow. TrueNorth has helped us understand how to move the needle on our growth, whilst aligning both junior and experienced marketers in the same direction.”
Matthew Wheeler, CEO of Driftrock