Enough of this sheet

The Smartsheet alternative for marketers

Unlike generic spreadsheet tools, TrueNorth is a goal-focused platform built solely for the needs of modern marketing teams.

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Focus on outcomes.

Not output.

TrueNorth goes beyond task management, with tools designed to keep your objectives in focus and tie results to marketing activity.

  • Guide your team in the right direction with a growth projection
  • Prioritize the highest ROI experiments to deliver your goal
  • Track results in the same place you plan campaigns
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“You’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”

—Alvin Toffler

Guide your team

in the right direction.

Few things matter more than delivering your objectives. That’s why TrueNorth connects everything back to a projection of your growth.

  • Automate your marketing reports with integrations
  • Stay on track by pulling in real growth data
  • Run ideation sessions based on your funnel data
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Built for marketers. By marketers.

If there were a tool that met the needs of modern marketing teams we wouldn’t have built TrueNorth. Having tried everything from Asana and Monday.com, to Smartsheet and Trello we always felt these tools were better-suited to software teams, not marketers.

Unlike our VC-backed competitors, TrueNorth is bootstrapped, independent, and built exclusively for marketing teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my team migrate away from Smartsheet?

Evolving the operating system you run your marketing on is an incredibly worthwhile challenge. When you’re ready, you can read and share our useful set of Getting Started Guides with your team members.

Can I (gasp!) use SmartSheet and TrueNorth together?

If your wider team uses SmartSheet, it’s possible to keep it for managing day-to-day task management in combination with TrueNorth where you centralise and track your marketing activity.

It’s not ideal, but does enable you to upgrade your marketing process without changing the whole company’s project management tool.

How does TrueNorth's pricing compare to Smartsheet's?

Smartsheet gets exponentially more expensive as you add more features and users. At $25/user/month for their pro plan, you’ll pay over $500/month for a team of 20.

TrueNorth is a flat fee of $99/month for your whole team – no matter how many people you invite. This includes all features.

Can I test TrueNorth for free?

Yes – we offer a 30-day free trial here where you can access all features and see whether it’s a good fit for your team.

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Explore the Marketing OS

TrueNorth’s Marketing OS helps you focus, align, and track marketing in one place with everything and everyone working towards your goal.

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Guide your team in the right direction

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Collect & prioritize ideas to scale effectively

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Plan, test & measure in one place to move fast

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Capture insights to improve decision-making