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Released 21st JANUARY, 2022

To add to the functionality of our deep Google Analytics integration, we are pleased to announce a suite of new features to help you stay on top of your timeline.

Import any new campaign at any time

If you’ve had a placeholder in your timeline for future activity, and you’re now ready to launch, you can now connect, map and sync individual results without disrupting any planning or conversations you might have previously had on that campaign.

Expected Results

Campaign goals now have a helpful visuals to see what you’ll expect to contribute to the overall plan.

Edit or add new integrations with ease

If you make a mistake or want to update any previously mapped results, you can now do this on any individual campaign. Similarly you can now override any imported results if you need to.

Improved & Fixed

  • ✉️ We know that whilst you’re just looking around, activity notifications to your email might be a bit much, so we’ve silenced those until you become a paying user (don’t worry you can still get notifications inside the app)



Anna is the VP Product of TrueNorth, a growth marketing platform that helps marketing teams focus, align and track marketing in one place.

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