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Released 24th DECEMBER, 2021

One of the most important things for us at TrueNorth is allowing users to be able to populate the campaign timeline with ease; not just to keep track of what is live, but also to keep up-to-date with auto-syncing results.

We are happy to announce an overhaul in our old Google Analytics integration that allows you to now fetch any campaign data from any source.

You can see details about the campaigns before you import them, making it easier to pick the correct campaigns.

When the campaign is imported we will check nightly for any updates to the results, meaning your data should be up-to-date when you want to check in the following morning. No more switching between apps to check if you’re on track to hit your goals or not.

To find this functionality, navigate to the Campaigns page, and click the ‘Bulk Import Campaigns’ button on the top bar. We’ll be adding plenty more integrations over the next couple of months so watch out for those.


  • ✨ The expected goal input has been updated for campaigns – its now easier to set your expected goal, and if you don’t want to set it right now it won’t prevent you from seeing the ROI of a campaign (as long as you have results)
  • 📅 End dates for an imported campaign with no pre-set end date are now autosuggested, and have an easy way to update them in the interface. Look out for more improvements to ongoing campaigns coming soon.
  • 📋 All results are now displayed for an imported campaign. Previously we only displayed the result of your selected goal KPI, but now you can see all mapped funnel results in the campaign side panel.
  • 💰 ROI is now calculated on the lowest available result in the funnel for a campaign, meaning more accuracy.
  • 🍩 Monthly milestones on the timeline are having a bit of a facelift; we’re streamlining the data so its crystal clear month-on-month whether you are on track or not. More on this to come.



Anna is the VP Product of TrueNorth, a growth marketing platform that helps marketing teams focus, align and track marketing in one place.

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