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Released 24th MARCH, 2022

A timeline of activity is great, but what if you could see whether your future planned campaigns put you on track to hit your long term goal? Now you can with TrueNorth!

For the current month and every future month on your timeline we will tell you what results you need to achieve (“Projected”) and what you’re expected to achieve (“Expected”). We’ll also tell you how many campaigns you have planned and how far off you are from hitting your projected results.

To activate this feature, simply add goals to your upcoming campaigns and simply hover over any month on the timeline to see the data:

Don’t worry if you’re running a campaign that is aimed at a different part of the funnel to your goal; we’ll calculate the impact for your goal using the conversion rates from your growth projection – so no fiddly maths to worry about!

Improved & Fixed

There are a whole host of new changes to the platform designed to make managing your marketing a whole lot easier:

  • 💅 The timeline has had a makeover! Its not just about predicting the future, our timeline has had a host of new updates to make it easier to use;
    • 📈 You can now select which result data you would like to display in the timeline next to the campaigns; we show you spend by default, but you can now see any metric that you want, including ROI so its easy to see any result at a glance
    • 🗑️ You can now bulk delete campaigns; find it in the three dot menu at the top of the campaigns list
    • 🔎 Campaign filters and search are improved and easier to use
    • 🌈 We’ve updated the colours across the timeline
    • ➕ Add campaigns directly into groups; if you have a few campaigns to add manually, you can change your grouping view on the timeline, and you’ll see a button underneath each group that will add a new campaign automatically to that group (e.g. Facebook Ads)
  • 🏗️ We’ve significantly slimmed down the onboarding experience to make it easier to get up and running; unlock new areas of the platform as you learn about them
  • 📈 We’ve also fixed a few issues with growth projection set up:
    • You can now enter 0’s as funnel data; meaning if you’re starting from with no data we can still create a growth projection for you
    • We also fixed an issue where setting growth projection to just one month ahead meant you couldn’t change it to a future date



Anna is the VP Product of TrueNorth, a growth marketing platform that helps marketing teams focus, align and track marketing in one place.

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