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Released 2nd DECEMBER, 2021

We understand how frustrating it can be to evaluate a product with only empty screens, so we’ve created a demo account to help you see what we’re all about. 

When you log in, you can select your marketing use case, and see a tailored version of the platform that will demonstrate how you might best achieve that. 

To get started, book a demo today


  • 💅 Campaign comparison chart now has more helpfully sized bubbles to show whether your campaigns are on track or not
  • 🏭 We now ask you for your industry at onboarding so we can tailor your experience setting up your funnel


  • 🐛 Ideation session invites now send you to the right team
Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor

Marcus is the CEO of TrueNorth, a growth marketing platform that helps marketing teams focus, align and track marketing in one place.

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