10 Best Marketing Strategy Templates 2022

Establishing your marketing strategy is key to ensuring you get the best sales results, but getting started can seem overwhelming. That’s where marketing strategy templates come to the rescue.

There are tons of templates out there that you can use to capture and communicate your marketing approach. Or you can use one of the top marketing strategy tools to create one custom for you.

Of course, if your team isn’t ready to plan from scratch, a tried and true template can be a serious time (and sanity) saver.

The best marketing strategy templates include:

  • Aligned company and marketing objectives
  • Targeted audience data and guidance
  • Marketplace positioning of your competitors
  • Multi-channel campaign activity and timelines

With this info, you’ll get a clear view of who your customers are and how to effectively communicate with them. A good marketing template also guides your budget and measures what success looks like.

And it should give you the opportunity to tweak plans mid-campaign, so you don’t spend money in the wrong places.

10 Marketing Strategy Templates

We’ve gathered up 10 of the best marketing strategy templates of the year.

Each one will help you to up your marketing game in one way or another. And even better, they’re all completely free to use.

1. Venngage Growth Marketing

Struggling to set ambitious (yet realistic) growth goals for your business? Venngage has a 5-step process to help you identify and set the optimal marketing goals.

For example, you’ll be able to better understand what truly influences growth, as well as create accountability within your team.

growth marketing template 2022

The Venngage marketing strategy roadmap creator (shown above) is a particular favourite of ours.

We especially enjoy how visual and engaging the templates are. They make it easy to get everyone on the same page.

2. Miro Go-to-Market Strategy

We’ve already recommended Miro as a marketing strategy tool top pick. They’ve also got some excellent go-to-market strategy templates.

With a GTM strategy template, you’ll be able to align your team and company goals. For example, information about your target audience, marketing plan, and sales strategy will be all in one place.

The key here is the easy-to-share aspect of Miro’s go-to-market template. There’s one live version for all team members to work from, which makes collaboration and version control as easy as possible.

go to market strategy template 2022

Once you get the hang of using Miro (it can be fiddly to start), there are plenty of other helpful workflows available. For example, you’ll find mind maps and flowcharts for all of your marketing needs.

3. ActiveCampaign Marketing

ActiveCampaign isn’t just for email marketing. It also provides companies with a ton of handy marketing templates to download.

Your best bet is to start with the target market and positioning templates. They’re by far the most important pieces of a successful marketing strategy.

active campaign marketing strategy template

Just be sure to make a copy of each template, so you and your team can easily edit them for multiple campaigns.

4. PowerSlides One-Page Strategy

Senior stakeholders ‌love marketing strategies to be presented in a succinct, highly visual way. Cue the PowerSlides marketing template.

With this template, you can show the key highlights of your marketing strategy on a single page. Sections are colour coded to make it easy to see how items relate.

This is also one of the more sophisticated marketing strategies we’ve seen. By this, we mean it covers all of the key components. It feels a lot more comprehensive than some of the other templates out there.

one page marketing strategy template

Whilst the visuals make it easy to present to the board, these templates aren’t as easy to edit as others, so you might be better off using Miro’s go-to-market templates.

5. School of Content Strategy

This has got to be one of the top templates for your content marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing.

But where do you start? School of Content has created content marketing templates to prepare a high-level, one-year content strategy. You’ll also find a more detailed content campaign plan.

content marketing strategy template

If you have a big team, the templates from the School of Content are a great way to manage your content marketing strategy all in one place. And we really enjoy that instructions are included to help you get the most from the templates.

6. Buffer Social Media Marketing

Social media is a big part of marketing success. In fact, HubSpot deemed it the number one channel, above a website.

That’s why companies make sure they have a presence and regularly post to create brand awareness. But how do you get started with putting social media to work for your business?

Buffer is here to help with its social media marketing strategy template, which is an excellent choice for beginners or those looking to improve social media results.

social media marketing strategy template

You can build on this template and add important factors, such as hashtags to use and themes for content to share. Also, you could use this template as your strategy and then use it to build a calendar of posts.

7. Aha! Marketing Goals Strategy

Aha! has several marketing templates to help manage everything from marketing goals to buyer personas and competitor analysis.

Unlike ActiveCampaign’s marketing templates, these are easy to edit, so you can fill them in and tweak them straight away. Plus, there’s more to choose from to help build buyer personas.

marketing goals template 2022

These templates from Aha! are ready to go, right from the moment of download. They’ll be a valuable resource for you and your team, and they won’t cost you anything upfront.

8. Pitch Marketing Strategy

Pitch provides presentation templates for a wide variety of business purposes. Their marketing strategy slide deck template is one of the best.

It allows you to articulate key bits of your marketing in a clean, visual way. And the project prioritisation slide is a brilliant idea.

So often, marketers are asked to work on additional projects outside of the plan. This slide deck template can help your team present wider views to clients.

pitch marketing template 2022

It’s pretty unbeatable when it comes to articulating key parts of your marketing strategy. And also, there are plenty of options to add extra information, which can aid discussion points.

9. SlideTeam Data-Driven Strategy

If you want a marketing strategy that’s led by data, SlideTeam has an ideal template option for you. It clearly communicates the key steps involved in creating a data-driven marketing strategy.

And if you have additional ways to be more data-led, you can easily tweak this template, thanks to the instructions.

data driven marketing strategy template

Plus, there are other data-driven marketing templates to help shape your strategy.

The only downside we found was that unless it’s imported to Google Slides or SharePoint, it won’t be shareable. This can stifle collaboration and make it difficult to manage version control.

10. MediaTrust Digital Marketing

For a quick and clear plan, MediaTrust provides an easy-to-edit marketing template that can be completed in a couple of hours.

It provides a quick one-page summary of buyer personas, key messages, sales channels, and ways to test performance.

It’s a brilliant worksheet for generating and reviewing ideas. Or for giving a campaign overview at a glance, which is perfect for briefing designers, copywriters, etc.

best marketing templates 2022

This is a great tactical worksheet. You would need to leverage the other templates in this article to plan your overall marketing strategy, but this one could be great for ongoing planning.

Top Marketing Strategy Tips

Even the best templates can’t do all of the work for you. That’s why we’ve gathered up some tips for how to make sure your marketing strategy is a formula for success.

1. Centralise your plan – If you have a remote team, a central marketing plan creates cohesion. It helps you to manage campaign clashes and creates an environment for sharing ideas. 

2. Eliminate red tape – Automatic approvals for some campaigns can drastically improve the speed at which a process is completed. Set up marketing automations to save time and trouble.

3. Course-correct with experiments – We recommend spending some time running a variety of marketing experiments to see what methods will deliver the highest ROI for your team.

Want even more help with marketing management? Our definitive guide covers everything from setting the right goals to the 5-step process for effective campaigns.

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