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To know where your business is going (and the best way to get there), you need insights into marketing performance. Marketing analytics tools can be your biggest helper in reaching your growth goals.

But with so many on the market, it can be difficult to pinpoint the most effective option for your objectives. Especially when all of them are promising fantastic reporting powers.

Best Marketing Analytics Tools

That’s why we’ve created this list of the 10 best marketing analytics tools for all of your campaign reporting needs. Keep reading to discover which tool is the right choice for you and your company.

1. TrueNorth

When it comes to analytics and campaign reporting tools, TrueNorth has what you want in a growth marketing platform.

There’s an emphasis on aligning and tracking all marketing activity in one centralised location. This gives you the workspace and intel you need to concentrate on (and accomplish) your specific marketing goals.

Best Marketing Analytics Tool 2022

When it comes to optimising performance, TrueNorth provides a detailed picture of what’s working and what isn’t from the start.

Insights include an overview of all campaign results in one place, multi-channel campaign performance, and opportunities to improve your budget.

2. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is an analytics automation tool that goes beyond simple statistics. As far as marketing metrics go, you’ll also get insight into user behaviour, which is key to boosting conversion rates.

With this deeper understanding, Kissmetrics streamlines the process of engaging customers. This gives you the ability to increase conversions and create repeat buyers.

3. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a powerful tool that helps businesses measure key marketing elements. You’ll be able to make quicker, smarter decisions, and create improved products based on actionable data.

MixPanel ecommerce analytics

This tool provides real-time insights into engagement, conversions, and retention. With Mixpanel, your team will be empowered with the information they need to enhance user experiences.

With Mixpanel, you’ll get access to features that include goal setting and tracking, cohort and funnel analysis, and much more.

4. Semrush

In Semrush, marketers have a competitive edge. This tool analyses the competition’s marketing strategies and activities on every front.

You’ll get access to website traffic, content marketing, PR, PPC, and social media data. And all of this intel comes from more than 142 countries across the globe.

When using Semrush, you’ll get keyword research, competitor analysis, custom reporting, SERP rank tracking, audience insights, and performance reporting.

5. TapClicks

TapClicks is a digital marketing reporting and analytics tool for marketers in a range of industries. Features include set up and approval workflows, SEO, PPC, social reporting, marketing performance analysis, and interactive visual reports.

TapClicks Marketing Reporting

Thanks to integrating with over 250 data sources through the Connector Marketplace, marketers can access data from the most popular ad and marketing tools on the market today.

6. Looker

Want to improve marketing intelligence and data visualisation? Looker might be the analytics solution for you.

This tool enables marketing teams to break down data silos from various sources into one unified view. This means every member of the team can utilise up-to-date data to make informed decisions.

Looker is extremely user-friendly and has features covering everything from reporting to predictive analytics, data discovery, and data modelling.

7. Insider

Insider offers a Multichannel Growth Management Platform (GMP) that can propel growth throughout marketing funnels.

Whether through acquisition, activation, retention or sales revenue, the platform empowers businesses to provide highly personalised customer journeys.

Insider Marketing Insights Tool

Insider is very easy to use and takes away the need for complex integrations or reliance on IT departments.

With Insider, you’ll get campaign analysis, audience segmentation, customer insights, and ROI tracking. This helps to simplify marketing processes and boost performance with no marketing waste.

8. Funnel

Funnel allows marketers to leverage marketing data to better understand performance across multiple platforms.

You’ll get up-to-date data that’s clean and accurate for the entire customer journey. This allows companies to make more strategic decisions that lead to growth.

Funnel provides data collection, retroactive reporting, campaign tracking and insights, and ROI tracking.

9. AgencyAnalytics

Designed especially for agencies, AgencyAnalytics allows teams to save time, increase revenue, and wow clients.

Marketing agencies will have access to insightful reports and live marketing dashboards that clearly demonstrate impact and ROI.

AgencyAnalytics Marketing Reports

AgencyAnalytics seamlessly integrates with more than 60 platforms. It couldn’t be easier to track and report on a range of areas including SEO, PPC, email, and social media. And everything can be fully branded to your agency.

10. Nielsen Marketing Insights

The Nielsen Marketing Insights platform allows marketers to make strategic, data-driven decisions with useful insights into sales drivers.

Businesses can better understand the impact of advertising to determine the most effective strategies for increasing sales revenue.

The platform offers real-time analysis of performance based on specific KPIs to optimise everything from campaigns to creatives and audience segmentation.

Leverage Marketing Analytics Tools

If you’re an advanced marketer with a desire to make data-driven decisions for true growth, the marketing analytics and reporting tools listed above can help you achieve your goals.

Each of the platforms comes with a unique feature list that streamlines marketing processes and improves performance.

Your best bet is to take advantage of a marketing analytics tool free trial. Give some of our top picks a dry run before pulling out your wallet.

You can then get started with nailing your growth goals by leveraging in-depth marketing reporting intel for your business.

Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor

Marcus is the CEO of TrueNorth, a growth marketing platform that helps marketing teams focus, align and track marketing in one place.

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